Work in progress site update

On the webpage front, I worked on getting a few pages converted to the new format. Of course at the time of this blog, the site wasn't up yet. But it's closer to being done. I'm working on a few pictorials that I want to keep and I need to write an article or two.

This week I bought a few things for the new computer I'm planning on building. Dropped about $500 on stuff. I'm planning on putting XP and Mac OS X Leopard on it based on information I got from the web. When I put this machine together, I will take pictures and put it under the "Geek Korner" section of the site.

The Photo Album will have a few trip photos and items taken from the camera that I won't be reading from. I'm sure some people will be excited about that. I really don't take many pictures of myself so that should be interesting.