A little more content

I added back the links to some videos on the site from my midwest trip and updated my blog.

I still have quite a few pictures to post, including stuff for another section I call "Geek Corner". This section will have computer articles and a few tips, since this is what I do for a hobby and a living. My first article will be on building a new computer. You know it's not that difficult these days to build a much better computer than what you could buy in a store. So I'll walk you through building one, short of installing the operating system. I did two installs including one for Mac OS X Leopard... yep you heard me--I installed the Mac OS from a spare license I bought before my laptop died. I'm looking to try to put that up this weekend.

I do have to snap a few pictures for this weekend's project: upgrading my mac mini. We're adding memory, a new dvd burner and wireless 802.11N networking to it. It will almost be like a new computer! Eventually I may upgrade the processor, but I figure I'd better save that money to go to europe... $100 cpu = 65 Euros... That's a few meals, a night in a cheap hotel or a few drinks in a pub!