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What does this mean? Basically this refers to a person, event or thing that would cause a person with common sense to think: What where they thinking? Sometimes the articles will just boggle the mind. Contained on this page is a collection of hot messes, ghetto prom pics, ghetto fashion, ghetto madness, drag queen drama, and general craziness that I've found on the web and dug up.

Take a look at any new updates at general forums. I closed the forum to new registrations (no one posted and when they did it was links for porn), but you can see what's new in my life or with the site.

    • (2/27/2008) Man, this project is growing!

      I just installed my complex wireless solution into my box today, and now I'm on wireless using a laptop card to get 5ghz-band 802.11N wireless. Was that technical for you? Well I'm enjoying this mental exercise; it's been a long time since I've done anything like this. I have to keep the brain cells firing! But I'm hoping to be done building my main box this weekend so I can actually get some work done on it! But I'm liking my new computer, if I hadn't said it before. I'm not getting those 'spinning beach balls' I used to get when I used the web editing program on my powerbook, and that even running in emulation (aka Rosetta) mode! Anyway, I gotta run. Later!

    • (2/16/2008) Well I'm getting closer! The computer I used to edit my site crapped out; fortunately I had backups, but nothing to really work on. In the spirit of a true techie, I built a new computer. I did manage to move forward the new website though; I just want to add watermarks on my images, so I won't have kids swiping the pics from my site and posting them elsewhere or sending them to friends to email. Everytime I think about that I just get mad... gutbucket!

      So anyway, I still have to reinstall my software that didn't work when I restored from backup. But hopefully tonight I can work on getting the watermarks together. I will say that my new system is much faster than my old one! I used to edit my webpages and wait for the system to catch up! Not good for a techie!

    • (1/6/2008) Happy New Year for those that happened to make it back. The site was still here even though I switched hosting... and they neglected to tell me to tweak some settings so that the domain name knew where to go! Oh well... It's not like I've been working on the site, until now.

      I've been working on version two of this site and next week, just about everything is going down. Time to start from scratch and redevelop the interest I've had in this site. I have a different layout and soon a different focus. So say goodbye to the ghetto prom; she's closed for business. Look for at least a shell of the new format to show up next week. Later!

    • (9/5/2007) Busy Busy Me! Well I'm back from a busy 2 week coaster trip, myspace deleted my account for some unknown reason and I had to recreate it, and my job tried to clown me and I cursed out my boss and the owners... which I can do since I'm the only bitch that knows the systems. They had to calm me down because I was about to pack my things and hit the highway!

      Anyway, I had my camera with me and I decided to make my own coaster pictorials in lieu of the ghetto ones; and they are a dog's mess! Anyway, I'm working on putting those together and hopefully I can put that up for you real soon! See what happens when you have stuff to do in your real life? Your web site takes the fall!

    • (7/16/2007) Nothing much going on the home front. I looked through some pics and think I may have something else coming up for you. But did you hear about the story about the couple that got arrested for child neglect because they couldn't pull their asses from the computer to take care of their kids? That's a utter and complete mess! Some people in the gene pool should not have kids.

      In two weeks I'm going on a rollercoaster trip through the midwest. I'll grab my camera and see what mess I can find while I'm out and about. I'm getting everything ready for the trip... like buying comfortable shoes! It's gonna be a lot of walking! I'll try to update my blogs as well.

    • (6/23/2007) Just wanted to make a few things a bit clearer. No, I'm not shutting down the site. I'm shutting down the forum portion of the website, at least to keep new people from joining. This is due to no participation from anyone. You know there are currently over a thousand members signed up to the forum, but at best only fifteen ever posted real posts? That's what I call a failure.

      Then add the people that joined only to spam the forum with porn, then it really made the forum a waste of time. Like a gay man really wants to see photoshopped pictures of Britney naked. She don't look like that now! The bitch is chunky and she ain't putting the plate down anytime soon!

      I'm trying to decide what to do with the site, because it really needs to go into a different direction, since it never met my expectations of having people come together in conversation. I know the site is in need for a total site redesign and the forum software needs to be upgraded. I know there are some funny conversations in the forum that need to be kept so I will try to roll them into more viewable parts of the site.

      I may make part of it for self promotion--I finished my first draft of my book and I'm in the process of mailing to a few friends for review. I may need an area to discuss the book or even sell it electronically. If you liked the site, you'll love what I've written so far. It does have a gay tone in parts of it, but that can't be helped. I also talk about my college years and racism I faced during it and in my career. I caught more mistakes in the document after the cutoff; but that's ok since it's not officially going to an agent or publishing company. I need a few more sets of eyes to catch these things.

      I think I'm going to scale down the site and make it more about me. More things need to be about me in my life right now anyway. Then maybe I'll be more interested in updating my site. I'm currently on myspace at if you want to drop me a line there. If you have an account you can also see the latest pics of me. Not bad for a chap about to hit 40, huh? I also have a blog at this link. I try to keep it updated although i forget the password sometimes to make any updates! This needs to be rolled into the new site redesign anyway! It's ugly!

      I do have a surprise for you though. It's a new pictorial! We going Old school for this!

    • (6/18/2007) I'm in the process of shutting down the forum. I'm going to chalk up the forum as a failure since no one posts. I previously changed new members so I could see what they posted before it actually hits the forum and all I got was links to porn. So there will be no new members. Certain portions will be viewable by guests but I'm going to restrict posting to that area as well. I'm writing a chapter in my book on this site's failure as well. It won't be pretty.

    • (6/12/2007) I'm a bit better today. I'm going to keep my web site editor open and maybe I'll get enough energy to put another pictorial up and do some site updates. You know there's a "Stonewall Festival" coming up in South Florida; which is kinda like Gay Pride but celebrated around this time because it's a higher chance of rain. Don't feel much like celebrating though. You know in the past few months, three gay white persons has told me the N-word; two directed at me? I'm sorry, but the KKK doesn't have a gay chapter; you bitches had better get it together. So you can imagine Gay Pride isn't meaning much to me right now, because a good deal of these queens are a mess. Don't feel like hanging around gay people right now and that's a shame. I did get some more of my book done and hopefully I can get back in the gym today after being sick for almost a week with the flu.

      What's on BET this weekend? Nevermind. Better just go to Blockbuster. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Keith!

    • (6/9/2007) Yeah yeah. No updates. But I've been busy seeing how the "other half" lives. I've been working out and got my body muscular and the body fat down to about 11%. Oh yeah. I'm writing a book too. Almost done with the first draft. But you know what? Never go out of your way to help people that can't help themselves. That kind of help has to come from within. You help, you'll get burned. And the person that causes all the crap wins out. See this is what I get for hanging with low-rent, low self esteem, drama queens. Lesson learned. No friends for now, unless they got what I got. A career man has no business hanging with broke bitches.

      Let me tell that person something:

      I'm proud to be a "N-word" EVERY day when put my career against yours. I don't have to lay on my back to live from pillow-to-post to get my rent paid. Honey I press a few buttons, move the mouse a little and I get my check. And we have different forms of "direct deposit" to get our money too!

      When the truth comes out about that tire, you'll be the one looking stupid. Again.

      I'll be sitting pretty. As always--'cause I got my education.

    • (4/10/2007) Ok, ok. I've been lax with the updates. But it's been a bit hectic with my social life, work and workout program... but I did want to say this: To whoever lifted my commentary and is passing it around via email... Your stank ass momma! At least give credit where it's due and send them back to this site! I don't charge anything to look at it... I even got a free forum to discuss stuff and nobody's paid attention to that. I might as well just take it all down if you're gonna do that. I tell you... the nerve of some people. At least give me some positive reinforcement to put some more stuff up! Sheesh!

    • (9/2/2006) Two updates to this page in a row? OMG! The world is ending! Anyway, my DSL is down for the moment, so I figured I'd start working on some site updates then upload them as I go along. So hopefully I'll have more stuff for you by Monday so check back or send me an email and let me know what you think of the site.

      Anyway, I've looked over some miscellaneous pictures I had lying around on my laptop and decided to create a quick pictorial out of them... part of them I called "Superzeros" (you'll see in a minute)... but you can refer to them as "CurlerMan","Easter Crummy", and the "Fat Screecher"... actually they are more villians than heroes if you think about it... anyway, take a gander at them on the Misc Mess for Sept 06.

    • (9/1/2006) Happy September! Well I've marked this Labor Day Weekend off as an official party weekend. Work has been TOO stressfull. Haven't been able to enjoy this new shape from working so much, so it's time to let off some steam. I am going to try to do some site updates this weekend since I vowed not to do any project related work. I need to also catch up on all my shows I've recorded, including a few shows I recorded from the Logo network. Speaking of Logo, I got an email from on of the cast from the show "Round Trip Ticket", Gabriel Opoku, sent me an email (told ya I was gonna put it on my site!) telling he's been following the site for a while and finds it hysterical... and I lived through all of it... I had to drop it like was scalding hot after I read it! Who knew? Several "Round Trip Tickets" to our "Debbiesphere" (gotta read our Terms Page to figure that out)! I hope you joined the forum (and looked at the picture gallery)!

      Speaking of HOD terms, I found this cartoon on the "Joy of Tech" page getting one of our "Downhill Divas" "good, right and together".

      Also, I've had to change my posting policies on my forum after people decided to put spam in the posts. Not cute guys. Now I gotta micromanage my site when it comes to people posting until I know they're not there to play. I don't like to talk about people (yeah yeah, I know... don't say it ;) ), but I hope as they say back in the 'lou, they get the "booty flu"!

      Also did anyone see Beyonce on the VMAs the other night? Who choreographed that nonsensical number? She waits until she's about done with her song (which is crap) to take off her trench coat to show her "disco outfit" when they should have been ripping off those coats at the "breakdown". So basically my friend and I said "Was that it?" because we are expecting more dancing (ok we‘re used to the drag queens ripping off those outfits then tearing up the place with dancing, not taking off the coat then whipping her hair around for 10 seconds then it‘s ova). She wasted all those outfits; they could have just worn a bra and panties (neva-mind... they did) since they didin‘t remove the coats. I was so mad I grabbed my things and left. Do I have to get into the business to get these kids to give a decent performances and get rid of the tiredness? (sigh)

    • (6/26/2006) Two months have almost past since my last update on this page. I've been kinda busy with my weightlifting program and have had good results. I put on about 20lbs of muscle! You can take a look at the progress on my blog. Someone sent me some more pics, so hopefully I'll have time to put them up soon.

    • (5/3/2006) Well it's my birthday! Well sorry it's been a while since I updated the main site, but you know it's way easier to update the forum and my blog from anywhere than start up dreamweaver from home. So it you haven't already check out the forum and my blog. I've been busy with my workout program and I've gotten the weight off me and now heading towards being a bit more buff. Hopefully today I'll start bulking up to put on a little weight.

      Also I set up a blog for my friend Michael documenting his weight loss. So if you have any tips or suggestions or just to wish him well, take a look and leave him a comment. He needs all the support we can give him!

    • (1/28/2006) Working on expanding the site with a bit more content, I started a personal blog. I haven't gotten the format together, but I have been putting a few entries in it. Also look for staff member Michael's blog to show up as well. So now you even got more reading to do! I also working on adding the blog links on the top of each page.

      Also if you have any funny pictures for me to do a pictorial on, be sure to send them in to the webmaster link at the top of the page. Gotta keep these skills together...but then again it's like riding a bike after not riding it for a few years!

    • (1/25/2006) Finally! An update! After digging through my pictures I made a pictorial for you. What if "Brokeback Mountain" took place at the prom? Well let me tell ya, it wouldn't look like this! Somebody's looking a mess at his prom.

    • In this electronic age, you generally have to look and be your best at all times, otherwise you may get caught in a compromising position. Case in point: I'm sure this woman never expected to cause such a stir on the California freeway! You've heard of "California Dreaming" (I hate that remix BTW)? I give you "California Mooning".

    • (1/23/2006) In an attempt to update the main site, I actually took some time to pull photos from my emails to make several more pictorials. I'll try to work on them soon, and email the people that requested notification when I put them up. A few are original ones... the kids have gotten as dangerous as I sneaking snapshots people looking a mess. Hopefully I'll get some up this week.

    • Well several months and two hurricanes later, I'm posting a quick update to the website. It's not much but it'll do for now. I've been having some problems with my laptop which I had to take in for service... serves me right for editing my site on Windows! So I'm moving my code back to my trusty powerbook (now that I got the screen problem finally replaced) so hopefully I can start doing some real updates.

      I'm trying to get motivated to do something with the pictures I have on my machine but I'm waaay overdue for an update. My latest obsession is filling my new video iPod with material. It's a pretty nice gadget if you haven't seen one. Also please refer to the text in red at the top of this page. Although it hasn't happened as much as previously, I'm still getting people trying to register to my forum using fake email addresses. If it's not real it won't work. If you use someone else's email address THEY will get the registration email NOT YOU. The forum software is pretty good at sending the registration email quickly to you. If you don't get it within a few minutes, then most likely there was something wrong with the email address you entered--so verify that your email address is correct before you submit it. I shouldn't have to go over this same stuff several times, but some people just don't get it.

      So if you decide to register, make sure you look at the pinned topics on the What's the "Tea" forum for the latest site news and updates. And you have a problem with it, don't register. And certainly don't get into it with me when you can't correctly form sentences in the English language or spell (that's for the ignorant lying Tyrone and rutgers girl). It seems it's a running theme--seems like people who didn't pay attention in English class always has a problem with my site. Don't get mad--get better.

    • Well peeps, I'm back into the work force with a new job. After traveling across the country for the last few months, I haven't made too many updates to the static site, although the forum stays updated. But anyway, I received another ignorant email from some trick that had the audacity to say she was getting a Masters in Biology and couldn't even spell biology. She got my blood pressure up with her racist, ignorant rantings so I had to to devote a page just to her.

    • Even though the Oscars are over, I decided to give awards out based on my travels last month. So take a look at the House of Debbie Winter 2K5 Trip Awards

    • Well after a month of being on the highway on the west coast I'm back! And I'm now a card-carrying Microsoft Certified Professional with the Application (MCAD) and Solution Developer (MCSD) certifications! Let me tell you that those test are NO joke. I had to take five exams and I was one of two people in the class that passed all of them on the FIRST try! Can I work or can I work? It was hard and a lot of work but I'm glad I did it. Now I gotta get this resume updated so I can let the bidding on potential jobs begin! Anyway, I took lots of scenery pics and in honor of the recent Oscars, I have my own trip awards to hand out. In the meantime, you can read about my travels (if you hadn't stumble across it in the free forums; there's one for the drive to California and the other for the trip back.

    • Well it's another fun day in the 'Lou! Anyway, for the next three weeks (starting next week) I'll be on extreme low profile as I'm going to my MCAD/MCAD bootcamp to get my certifications, so wish me luck with that. I will also be doing a bit of sight-seeing on the west coast (NV, CA, AZ) to see if want to move there; so if anyone has any suggestions on fun sites to visit (or hot spots for night life) hit the email button at the top of the page and let me know. And NO, I'm not meeting up with anyone--that's always a prescription for disaster so you can save those emails. And of course I'll be bringing my camera, so ya'll better look your best, I may be there to catch you in your low moments! I refer you back to my trip at Island of Adventure...

    • Well they say no good deed goes unpunished. I decided to help a friend that was having problems with his web forum when his "administrator" was MIA for weeks. Thus begins a story that ends with a co-owner gets banned from his OWN site! Now that is a complete hot mess! Two words: Messy Queens! Now it's one thing to not be competent enough to resolve your site's problems, but it's another to ban the person that attempted to fix the stuff you couldn't do. So without further ado, let's view of today's episode of "Of Mice and Messy Queens"...

    • Well we hit another milestone on the forum. 3000 posts and climbing! So in typical HOD fashion, I present the HOD 3000 post celebration!

    • I have another pictorial for you; I'm sure some of you have seen the pictures but you never seen my comments on it, so you can look at again! But we can call this when the entertainment value of a rap concert goes down.

    • In order to drum up a little business for Indie, I'm posting her latest "Ask Indie" post for your viewing. Personally I think she outdid herself with this one (besides me spitting my drink on the floor reading the response), and I hope you enjoy it. If you have a question you want to ask her, feel free to create a new thread in her forum. It'll be queued first for approval, and she'll answer it as soon as she can. See what Indie has to say about your problems--who knows she may even help ya!

    • Since I have time on Christmas, I finally finished up the pictorial taken at Islands of Adventure. Careful what you wear at the parks, you never know when there will be a camera around to capture it!

    • Well Happy holidays everyone! I've been a bit behind posting on the regular site. I've been busy in the forum having some interesting conversations with members and also filling up the new gallery that I set up this week. So while people are talking about the various pictures that members have posted, you'll just have to do with this single pic. Looks like Beyonce hasn't learned her lesson!

    • If you haven't read the news in my public forum, I purchased a brand new BMW 325xi. A few people asked if I had taken more pictures of the car, since the one I posted was taken with my camera phone. So for those that are interested meet my new baby Bling.

    • I got some pics in the email yesterday, and while I resize these pics for my next pictorial I figured you'd get a kick out of this. So I add commentary to what I call The Ghetto Leather & Lace Wedding. NOTE: I got an email from a reader saying that the groom IS the pastor of that congregation! Now that's a complete mess! I suggest those in that congregation look for another church home.

    • In the forum, there's a post that displays a ridiculously long name in the signature. Usually the signature is a small area made in your profile that contains a few phrases, favorite links or your name. But it should never be used in the manner that this child did. Your "family" may be important to you, but not to everyone; and especially not to the administrator whose bandwidth on the server you're sucking up with that "War and Peace" signature! Looks like the admins and the mods are not on their jobs to police that junk!

    • I went through all the picture and page links and fixed any broken problems I can find. So any articles or pics you couldn't see before should now be visible. If you aren't able to see something, just hit the 'email' button at the top of the page and the webmaster (me) will fix it.

    • Well I'm working on the next pictorial for the site. Just need to resize these pics from my digital camera. In the meantime I did post a preview pic, in my forum. Have a look.

    • I know we have a few repeat visitors around looking for updated content. Well for the 50th time, you can always check the public forums if you haven't found them already. I usually have updated stuff there; it's a bit cumbersome to update then upload webpages when all I have to do is create a post of current articles or mess. It's the poor man's blog...

    • Just call this story bad parenting 101. A Florida couple decides to go on strike by moving out of the house and living on the front yard until the two kids decide to pitch in on the housework. Now they're on the news, the Sheriff's Department and Child Welfare is checking on the kids and they could be legal trouble. Hot Mess! Looks like two kids are running that house. Just a suggestion to the parents: Move back in your house and tell the kids that if they don't start doing what YOU say, you're releasing them to the custody of Children's Services. Yep, they can be someone else's responsibility. Let's see how the kids would like that! Of course they would be shaping that act up with a quickness. I'd wager that house would be spotless EVERYDAY! And when you put it to them like that, you can get that wonderful rest in your own bed, while the kids would be sweating bullets and being uncomfortable; because when Children Services come to get you, you're just taking whatever will fit in that suitcase. Playstation 2? Nope! Barbie and her two story house? Toys for Tots! So while you're in foster care, Mom and Pop is on that second honeymoon in the Bahamas not thinking about you!

    • Maybe this is a reason why everyone is so big in St. Louis. A 1400 calorie burger at Hardee's? My word, that's a lot of food in one sitting. Well while these St. Louis folks are scarfing down this junk and their waistlines are expanding, I continue to work out at the gym with free reign of all the equipment including free weights--something I couldn't do in South Florida working out at the same time. I liked the fact that a writer suggest to wrap a stick of butter in bacon and you'd still have less calories than the monster burger! Trimspa anyone? If registered forum members want to discuss it, feel free.

    • Just a quick note to say that the forum should be operational again, feel free to register and look around!

    • I did a quickie move to a new server this weekend to take care of some outstanding issues. Anyway, there are a few issues with missing links that I need to take care, but can't for the next few days since I'm supposed to be on the highway moving to St. Louis. Some links going to the forum are down until i restore software on the new server. So please be patient until i get to St. Louis... But i did this to let you know that I'm still here! Take care guys and wish me a safe trip... over 20 hrs of driving is NEVER cute!

    • Staff Member Michael posted this in the forum but figured you would want wo see this link as well. Let's call it Carl Lewis: Rock Bottom. This video is way too many things; besides the fact that he is giving you more "Carlota" than Carl!

    • I know I used to say this a lot on the old site, but I'd better say it again. Leave the underage kids alone! I really don't see the attraction and some people don't learn from the mistakes of others. Case in point, a meteorologist (Bill Kamal) from a Miami Station was just arrested on a sex count for trying to meet with an underage child he met on the internet. This was, of course, actually an undercover officer. So with the multiple DUIs the fool has, look like he just lost his job, and most like won't be able to get another job in the news industry. All because of some little child... mess! And I'm willing to guess it was a young boy at that.

    • I got a email from an old ignorant child today, that thought she was getting cute with someone about what ghetto is. Well she had my blood pressure up, and although I'm out of practice of getting people real good and together, I gave her an on line reading about what ghetto really is. Here's the thread on this topic; I would appreciate any members giving their opinion on this topic and any one can register to give their viewpoint as well.

    • Well after selling my home, I'm enjoying a few months of relaxing in South Beach. Figured I'd soak up a bit of South Beach living before I head back to the midwest. So before I hit the streets again, I'd figure I would give you part two of the Hot Mess Ghetto Queen Beach Party. Where do these bitches get these clothes anyway?

    • If you haven't heard about this "performer", she is causing quite a stir... her name is Shirley Q. Liquor. Now while some people find her brand of humor funny, I think it is quite offensive. You see, Shirley is a gay white male who does a show in black face and proceeds to portray blacks as ignorant people on welfare with many kids and drink and do drugs. Now I certainly don't see the humor in that and it's an offensive hot mess to me. I have a thread on this topic; I would appreciate any members giving their opinion on this topic and any one can register to give their viewpoint as well.

    • Say you and the kids decide to go to the beach for a little wholesome rest and relaxation and you ran up on the "Hot Mess Ghetto Black Queens Brigade"? Metrosexual this ain't! See what happens when the "girls" decided to "Serve it to you" and the only thing they get is themselves. House of Debbie proudly presents Ghetto Queens At The Beach Part 1. (A preview picture is posted on the public forum.)

    • I ran across this ad for drag queens for rent. Do they honestly think someone is going to pay for that mess? I wouldn't even pay to have those bitches stand in a line so I throw rocks at them! Horrible! Nightmarish! Rude, rotten, ridiculous! Someone hand me the eggs from the refrigerator... They do better taking that website and adding a forum to it and they can call it the "Four 'C's"... oops! That's already been done... my mistake! I removed the link because the web site is gone. Guess those ho's went out of business... and I'm NOT suprised.

    • There's a new section on the forum which highlights the best forum thread, which is voted on by the members. Each week there should be a new winning thread... this weeks thread is "Paper Doll Fun"... and it is a mess. I have WAAAY too much free time on my hands!

    • I'm a little lax with this one but this is the link to my original Wing review that actually got referenced in the New Zealand Listener. If you haven't listened to any of Wing's songs (She has eight albums by the way), I urge to go to her site and take a listen. I'm quite sure she's the inspiration for William Hueng and gives you MUCH more for your entertainment buck! I'll be working on another review of several of her albums soon.

    • August 18th was officially the site's one month anniversary! Wow time has really flew on this one. Anyway, what better way to mark the occasion than a hot mess celebration. Thanks for stopping by on my little corner of the internet!

    • I got another hot mess to share with you, and frankly, it's wearing me low.

    • I know a lot of you immediately jump directly to this page from google or wherever and never look at anything else. Well, there's some interesting hot mess terms I've compiled and will continue to compile (you know it's an ever-changing language) on this site as well. I orginally was going to post the link here, but I think it's more fun for you to search around the site for it. I didn't put all this on the site for nothing ya know! Happy hunting! (I changed my mind but, some of the terms are not for the squimish.)

    • Staff member Michael, using his vast web surfing skills, came up with this link of someone promoting how to be a pimp in 10 days... All I'll say if you send off the money to him, he's pimping you and collecting the cash in less than 10 days. Don't do it! Send money to people offering how to be educated or respectable in 10 days. It's not like you can open up a newspaper want ad section and see jobs for pimps. Why's that? Because they are UNEMPLOYED!

    • Forum member "Tainted Enlightenment" serves ya up a little yahoo chat board descriptions for your nerves. I got a good laugh of off it and thought I give you guys the link; take a look at her site. And if you have any descriptions you'd like to add I'll give ya the opportunity to add it to my forum (but ya gotta register; you know the routine! But hey it's free!). Give Tainted a few more things to add to her site.

    • Well I was digging through the archives again and found a page from the original underground "House of Debbie" website. This website officially on the web back in 1997-98... now that's a long time ago! Although it's not an official gallery to look at, it was a testiment to how much sense I didn't have even back then... and the fact that my design skills were a dookie's dogs' sizzling hot mess. Still I think it's appropriate to bring back the official House of Debbie Sing-a-long... and this could very well be a campy theme song for the site as well. So clear your throat and click the link... oh and put on your earphones if you're at work... don't want to get ya in trouble... and i guarantee it'll be the most obnoxious thing you've heard.
    • With everyone talking about different diet plans and low-carb plans, I ran across this advertisement that someone slapped on my car one night a few years ago. This is from a local outfit here in South Florida, and I don't know why I waited so long to post it. I guess I'll have to go through my archives and see what else I have hidden! In the meantime, take a look at the Too Much Playing Diet.
    • I've been sitting on these pictures for a few weeks waiting for the new site to go up. In the tradition of the "Ghetto Prom", I present to you the "Pimp Party".
    • This might fly over some of your heads, but I'm sure the "techies" in the crowd will appreciate this link. And it is especially appropriate considering the effort it took to put this server together. Take a look at the "New Operating System I came up with".
    • Well the school year would not be complete with out a new ghetto prom for your disapproval... Sorry it's a bit late but here's the Ghetto Prom 2004.
    • With America's population becoming increasingly obese, some people think its ok to wear what even skinny girls get frowned upon when they wear it. Let's take a look at a few of these violations as I open the Ghetto Big Girl Page...
    • Forget about raising a 40-ounce to your deceased...just put it in his ride. Send him off ghetto hot mess style...
    • Well I went on a search and found one of the original ghetto hot mess pages that I can recall. If you haven't seen this page, you've missed a treat. Take a look at Busted on Black Planet... I couldn't of gotten a better selection together myself. Who allowed these photos to be developed? I would like to offer my contribution as well.
    • I got a pic emailed to me that I had to show you. If you have a pic that you want me to critique, go ahead and email it to me. I have to keep those skills together. In the meantime, go ahead and look at these two tackhead wenches (was that too harsh? But they deserve it)...
    • By popular demand, I bring you part 2 of the ghetto prom. You guys can't get enough of this Hot Mess can you? I don't what to say about these kids today...I'm lying...check the page and see what I have to say.
    • Here's a 2 for 1 hot mess update. These sites are on the same site with different links. First check out the website for an "all-n-one stop" for all your needs. Next, probably the worst concept for a wedding is available for your disapproval. You can have your wedding at Christmas, but please, no Christmas weddings...a double dose of Hot Mess if there was any...(please note the site was down when I looked at it this morning...No more geocities websites!!!)
    • Summer may be here, but let's not forget to be respectful of your fellow people. Yet another hot mess photo profile has been posted for your entertainment.