2008 and New Beginnings

Well I'm in 2008, and I've got the site back up... more or less.

The site was down because I moved my hosting to a single location once my domain hosting expired on one site. Anyway, when I moved it someone neglected to tell me to tweak a few settings to have the page route to the new site... so the page still existed, but the domain name just went to a hosted default page. OOPS!

I'm working on a more simplistic site and redoing a few things. Well, that is before my laptop died. Thank goodness I saved my work, but I'm down a computer to do any real edits on. Right now, I'm on my Mac Mini typing this. At least it's hooked up to a 42 inch flat screen! But I bought some software to consolidate my edits into one program so I'm not managing a whole site... a lot has changed since I first brought up the site: New muscular shape, new job, new place I'm living in; so the last thing I need is to manage a full site.

I'll work on bringing the rest of the site up, with the old pictorials and some pictures that I've gathered from trips over the summer. I'll be focusing on more technical and gay interests now... the "Ghetto prom-community-angle" has been played out, so I'm doing things for my own interests..

Which is how it should be.

But let me get the shell of this site finished, and we will chat soon.

-- Terry