The Unflushable Country Biscuits

(Warning: if you don't like bathroom humor, I suggest you turn back now)

I'm mad as hell.

For the last two days the water pressure in "my" bathroom has been horrible. I have to use the upstairs restroom which my other roommates use now. I'm sure everyone has their "favorite" throne.

Anyway, I get up this morning and water has overflowed in out of the toilet and I almost slip and fall on the ground. Ewww! I thought one of my roommates used it and overloaded it; a few minutes later I get a knock on the door. I open it and it is one of the neighbors; they want to use an electric outlet on the patio because several neighbors, including himself have toilets that overflowed and flooded their homes. I'm glad it's not just our house!

I leave to go to work as they have the Roto-Rooter truck working on the problem.

Later, I get home and I ask my roommate if the toilet problem was fixed. He told me "Yes." He said he had cleaned up the bathroom and I was glad about it. It was needed to make a code red delivery! So I "deliver" little Keisha and send her off on a "sea side" adventure. That's when I found out the problem wasn't entirely fixed.

Keisha and her twin sister LuBelle sat there staring at me, unwilling to take their trip. Just huddled together like a pair of brown sausages. There's no water pressure to send the girls out on the town! NO!!!!

I try to flush again.

That plate of country biscuits couldn't be dumped! Hungry! Hungry Jack! I ain't hungry. Get on down that drain!

I use the plunger to get the water down and try to flush again.

A chocolate monkey was still there, taunting me.

Man, I spent a half hour trying to do an Chud eviction... without success. I turned on the bathroom fan and closed the door in defeat.

Time to call the plumber.

Copyright 2008