10 Days and counting...

Well it's been another hectic few weeks! I've been getting everything together for my 40th Birthday Europe trip. I've been talking about it for the last year and it's becoming a reality! I'll be gone for a month. I'll be traveling to the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain! That's a lot of places to cover!

It will be several trips in one as well. I'll be sightseeing the first part, doing a two week rollercoaster trip with Theme Park Review, then traveling to Madrid for their Pride celebration. So when I get back, I guess I'll need a vacation for my vacation!

I did most of my packing this weekend and so far I'm under the allowable weight limit. I also used Space Bags to compress my clothes to fit in a duffel bag. So I have room to bring back souvenirs if I want. All my plans will have to be finished by next weekend, because I'll need to be on the flight on the 12th.

I'm looking forward to my first trip and hopefully I'll be posting pics of my trip to the site!