Saturday Nite In

Well, it's Saturday evening and I'm lying low today. I spent time with my roommate's family and didn't get a chance to get to the gym; but that's ok I guess. I just need to maintain until I shift my workout program into high gear.

I got into a heated discussion with someone about abortion. To me, as a gay man, it's none of my business either way... and some people should take that to heart. He called me selfish and self-righteous, then proceed to go into a selfish and self-righteous tirade of his own. Please, spare me. This stuff doesn't affect him directly so why get all worked up about it... these abortion people work my nerves because they care about the baby up until it's born... then if there's any social services this baby needs that the parents can't afford, then they're all against it... they'll just let the baby get sick or starve if it has to come out of their wallets, because--guess what--it NOW affects them.

I told the guy if he's so concerned about saving the baby's life, then find a way for him to carry the baby to term... I bet if it was possible, he wouldn't do it to save the baby's life so he needs to be quiet about telling someone else to we all know he wouldn't. That's self-righteous and hypocritical.

Stay out of it in the first place and I won't have to call you out.